With its 21 000 m², including three halls dedicated to the widest possible range of sports and the boldest shows, the Vendéspace is in the vanguard of multi-purpose facilities in Western France. It offers a variable capacity of between 1 000 and 4 900 seats thanks to a system of retractable and removable stands. 

With the Vendée Globe, the start of the Tour de France and its many events over the summer, the Vendée has become a region renowned for the greatest sporting and outdoor cultural events. 

The Vendéspace, which opens in September 2012, will complete this offer, with a covered site for the finest indoor sports competitions and shows, giving a new dimension to our Département. 

The Vendéspace is the only site of its kind in France, with a whole host of technologies concentrated in one place, benefiting from excellent facilities thanks to its modularity, its aesthetics and its acoustics : it is the first hall in Europe to be equipped with a revolutionary computer-assisted acoustic system, enabling the sound reverberation time to be adjusted artificially for each show or sports event. 

All of this technological prowess will be put to work for the greatest international sports events and the most prestigious concerts. Vendée residents will be able to come and watch handball, volleyball and judo events, or listen to Carmen or marvel at the skills of the Chinese National Circus or admire the lightness of Russian ballet dancers… 

By hosting these major events, the Département will enhance its actions to support sport and culture, offering an exceptional setting at the heart of the Vendée for all disciplines and art forms. 

As well as providing a home for emotion, effort and enthusiasm, the Vendéspace is also intended to be the ideal location for training and education : its 21 000 m² of floor space, its dojo and its three halls will be open to local sports associations for training and competition. 

It will train the champions that we will be cheering on tomorrow !